Bird-netting – the best form of bird pest control

What is bird netting?

A bird net is used to prevent birds from encroaching into certain areas. They are sometimes called an anti bird net and the process as anti bird netting. These nets are used extensively for many areas where the trespassing of birds can be problematic. They are thus available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Mostly seen in black, they are generally consists of small meshes of 1 or 2 square cms and is made of polypropene or polyethylene.

bird stuck in bird net
With the anti-bird netting you can protect you of the bird prescence.

The color of bird netting has some sort of significance. For instance, the black color inhibits UV and offers the best protection from solar rays. Similarly other colors of green or white serves other purposes. They may be available in a wider or more extensive scale for big setups or sometimes as small packages.

Areas of application

We know that bird netting is always used for protection against birds. But how much of a protection they give or how will we define its practical usages.

  • For protection of crops

All sorts of crop cultivation that is under the threat of birds can be protected using bird netting. Farmers purchase bird nets is large or small scales to protect their fruits, vegetable produce or sometimes to safeguard the seedlings. If left unguarded, birds and bats can have a tendency to peck on fruits and vegetables. This would significantly lower the value of these products in the open markets. Even if a small portion of the fruit is pecked on, it cannot be sold and goes to waste. There are various methods or techniques for implementing bird nettings in the case of each crop which is cultivated differently.

  • For protection of fisheries

Bird netting
The anti-bord net protect your home and garden of the attack of the birds.

Predator birds need to be kept out of areas where fisheries and related goods are stored. Other areas like aquaculture are also under constant threat from these marauding birds if a protective mechanism is not implemented. The birds in this case are those characterized by wider wing span and other aspects. Some examples are seagulls, pelicans, herons etc. so for protection from them we generally make use of large mesh sized bird nets. Also we make the color of these nets white so that it is visible from a fair distance to these birds.

  • For protection of buildings

Buildings can be protected from birds in urban areas with the help of these bird nets. Birds like pigeon causes notable disturbances in such situations and thus a suitable mechanism was requisite that would efficiently discourage them from entering these areas. A pigeon protection net or other corresponding bird nets can provide a harmless and impenetrable barrier that protects your premises. They can also be used for protecting large areas like load bays and roofs. The design consideration requires knowledge on the type of bird species and the material requirements.

  • For protecting in mining areas

bird net used for protection to trees against the bird attack
The bird net can provide effective protection avoiding that the birds invade and attack.

Miners generally employ the use of chemicals that can cause serious negative effects to wildlife, especially birds. So the government has made it mandatory to use adequate protective bird netting to prevent significant loss of wild life in the area. This keeps the birds away from the harmful effects of these dangerous chemicals.

Overhead crop netting for crop cultivation

It consists of a fully enclosed suspended bird netting making it ideal for crop cultivations of blueberries, strawberries etc. The wire mesh provided above these crop produces provides and overall protection from birds. They can be retracted and stored as wires when not in use.

Some advantages of the type include:

  • Provides good protection for crops all year long

  • Different crops can be harvested under its protection

  • Predatory species are prevented from entering the premises

  • Once setup, subsequent spreading and removal can be done easily without additional labor requirements

  • guacamalla installed for avoid the bird prescence
    Too the bird net can protect to your crops of the birds attack, keeping the integrity of the harvest.

    No expensive techniques or machinery are used for setting up these bird nettings, making it a very cheap and effective method for crop protection

To sum it all up

A Bird net is thus a cheap and effective alternative for protecting crops or other products against the attack by bird species. It is available in a variety of types to suit the requirements.