Protecting your crop with anti bird-netting

Strategies on different uses for anti bird netting

Your garden will be thriving soon enough. All the vegetables and fruits that you have been growing for months will finally be ready for harvesting. Unless, of course, you failed to employ a sufficient anti bird netting plan. If that is the case, then your hard work may be in vain. For as certain as the sun rises every morning, birds will help themselves to your ripening fruits and vegetables.

bird net installed on building
Remove the prescence of the birds definetly using the Anti bird net.

Add to the destructiveness of birds eating and destroying your crop; birds will also plaster your garden with their droppings, which are not only unpleasant but can harbor any of 60 infectious diseases. Instead of a garden filled with the smells of ripening crops, you will have a garden that smells like bird droppings.

What can you do?

Most gardeners who cultivate gardens are hesitant to use poisonous or toxic methods to rid their yard of birds. Some gardeners will try water hoses to “scare” birds away. Others will install scaring devices and noisemakers. However, these methods have proven mostly unsuccessful in the long term. The only real answer is to apply professionally recommended bird control measures. Amongst the most successful for gardens is Anti Bird-Netting.

Installing Anti Bird-Netting

Lightweight and simple to install, Anti Bird-Netting will prevent birds accessing your crops. Perfect for fruit trees and garden plants, this netting is available in various “mesh” sizes, 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ to stop a variety of different size pests from destroying your garden. The net is simple to install, whether you just use it draped over individual trees and pegged to the ground or use plant stakes to create a tent environment. Anti bird-netting clips made for use with the netting make for easy installation. Made from durable, UV-protected polypropylene the mesh is sturdy, light and almost invisible.

The netting comes in a number of colors. However, the color which offers the best UV protection against solar rays for longevity is black. Other colors are white, usually woven and doubles as hail protection as well as a bird deterrent, or green for the DIY home gardener commonly sold at home gardening outlets.

pond protected by anti bird net
The bird net is very easy to install, becoming a good protection net.

Anti Bird-Netting is also used to deter birds from nesting. During the bird breeding season, they can be very territorial. They will return every breeding season to the same nesting areas. Anti bird-netting is a passive deterrent, so birds naturally move on and use a different location for nesting. You can use Anti Bird-Netting in the short term if you have a seasonal predicament with birds, or install the netting permanently for all year defense.

Strategies on different uses for anti bird-netting

There are a few ways to use anti bird-netting. It will depend on the kind of bird and where they have become a pest. Here are some approaches to help you overcome the nuisance of these pests.

Exclude birds trying to nest in your eaves.

To deter birds from building their nests in the eaves of your house, hang the bird netting at a forty-fivedegrees angle under the eaves.  Ensure you have enough net to reach from the outside edge of the roof to the side wall of your house. Install the mesh using a staple-gun, tape, or hooks. Keep the mesh tight and do not leave any openings for the birds to work their way through.

To protect your small fruit trees

If you cultivate fruit or nut trees in your garden, fasten the anti bird-netting at the bottom close to the trunk to prevent birds from flying underneath from ground level and becoming tangled inside the netting. Leave a gap between the fruit and the net to stop birds from sitting on the branches and eating the fruit through the holes in the net; plant stakes are ideal for this application. To install the net, measure the perimeter of the tree and trim the netting to size, allowing at least an extra twelve inches or more around the edge. Fasten the netting with zip ties, twine, or clips made especially for this type of netting.

To protect your vines, berry bushes, and vegetable plots

Anti Bird Netting
This net is a resistant protection for avoid that the birds destroy and peck the fruits of the crops.

To guard grape vines, berry bushes, and vegetable plots, hang the netting above these types of plants by at least 6 inches. Allowing a gap like this will prevent birds from landing on the net and eating your fruit through the holes. One efficient method of hanging the netting is by using a series of plant stakes planted around the perimeter of the garden area and attaching the net to these stakes. To deter birds from vegetable gardens, wrap each plant or group of plants in the netting.

Crop protection on a larger scale

Bird nets are useful in the prevention of damage to vegetable and fruit crops in addition to seedlings. Birds and bats can cause considerable losses to farmers as they tend just to peck one fruit, then move on to another, consequently ruining a significant proportion of valuable commercial production. Once a small piece is bitten off, that fruit is unsalable and if harvested will rot or ferment therefore damaging the remainder of the case. Bird protection applied in large-scale areas is by the installation of aviary netting which is commonly manufactured from metal and therefore more durable. This form of anti bird-netting is in the way of an enclosure, or cage, that is completely closed off to stop birds and pests gaining access to the fruit. The mesh is easy to install and simple to cut to size. The netting is available in a range of mesh sizes for deterring different types of pests. It is readily obtainable from many garden center outlets and is becoming a standard nonlethal way to ensure that the crops you grow in the future will be enjoyed by you and not the pests.

Anti-bird net the definite answer for bird control

Anti-bird net is a Hortomallas line of netting that guard your fields and homes from the invasion of pest birds. Actually It is fabricated from extruded plastic meshes that physically block the birds coming into any area that may be occupied by the birds.

By getting access to to these regions birds can motive large damages in terms of uncleanness, cracks, and irreparable deterioration.In fact huge expenses on repairing and cleaning are daily needed.

Usually birds roost nets, and leave excrements. The acid substance contained within the urine and the dung is succesful to corrode any type of surface, inclusive of when they were eliminated. Besides the partitions of homes, who suffer the unaesthetic effects of the excrements depositions, birds also can harm machineries, automobiles, ventilations and drainage systems.

Control bird Netting installation is easy.

Anti-Bird Net
The HORTOMALLAS bird net is a ideal option for the bird control, is very versatile, adaptable, durable, flexible, being a excellent option.

Hortomallas anti bird net is suitable for all closed and open areas: building facades, warehouses, courtyards. The lightness of its cloth lets in an smooth set up. In reality you simplest need to repair a few anchor points to tight the net. Control bird netting is versatile, bendy and adaptable to any structure. Additional tensioned cables may be useful in case of big areas or windy zones. Be careful to go away wrinkles in putting in the net. You can effortlessly adapt the measures of the nets to the vicinity you need to cover, with the aid of the use of scissors. Make certain you’re thinking of an extra perimetral netting to have enough fabric for the operation of solving the edges.

If you need professional manual all through the set up process, please contact with our technical department at Hortomallas.

Bird-manage nets for agriculture use towards birds that consume fruits.

In agriculture, birds are very useful due to the fact they eat insects and preserve the stability of the biological machine. Nevertheless, while it’s far harvest time, birds that devour fruits hugely  invade the fruits cultivars, specifically the ones that provide the sweetest end result, like grapes, apples and berries. They don’t simplest devour the whole culmination causing direct lack of productions. Also and in particular they go to pot the plants via inflicting holes. For this reason the yield is strongly reduced because the products unfastened great and don’t pass popular necessities for being marketable.

Hortomallas aviary net is the cost effective and permanent method to prevent birds eating the end result.

bird netting
The bird net is very versatile and resistant, and other advantage is that the net is easy to install.

It is possible to install anti bird net without delay over the plant life to keep them out of the end result. In fact the ultralight weight permit to suit any tree form. In addition way to its excessive strongness, it resists towards a medium-large populations of birds.

Characteristics and benefits

             Allows air circulation, mild and moisture penetration.

             Ultralight.

             Manageable and clean to instal.

             Fire and oxid resistant.

             Direct utility, with out a need of specialized gadgets.

             Uniform and UV resistant fabric.

             Easily reduced to length, via common trimmer.

             Reusable, washer-friendly and storable.

             Non-poisonous.

             Environmentally friendly.

             Safe for animals and human beings.

             Economical

In precis, Hortomallas anti bird net is the best solution for stopping damages and losses because of the birds. For one factor they may be an effective barrier in opposition to the animals for some other they’re safe and ecofriendly.

Avian bird manipulate: netting is the answer!

Avian bird control is a major concern both in urban and in rural areas. In fact, even if birds can be useful to maintain the right balance of insects in the cultivated fields, they can also be very dangerous. Essentially they move in large groups and frequently massively assault the crops. For example starlings, black birds, crows, geese, and more frugivorous avians, are considered pest birds.

small bird in anti-bird mesh
This net provides the ideal protection to your crops avoiding that the birds cause damage to your crops.

They assault the harvested goods, provoking partial or general losses. Basically maximum of the time birds consume a part of the fruit, causing holes. These damages initiate the sluggish decomposition of the harvest. Therefore farmers want to apply an additional amount of insecticides to get rid of them. Consequently, the yield cannot be bought as organic.

Hortomallas nets offer a exact and whole answer for avian bird. Nets cover the vegetation, truely impeding the bypass of any birds of any length. This way it’s far feasible to reduce the utility of phytosanitary merchandise with a discount of labour. Also they permit to develop pesticide-free fruits.

Plastic nets are ultralight, and extraordinarily bendy. They can be without problems trimmed to the measures required. No specialized devices are needed.

Although at Hortomallas we have a technical branch that can be a assist in designing the high-quality netting assignment in your particular motive.

One of the essential advantage of Hortomallas nets as avian bird manipulate is that it’s far not pricey. As a matter of fact netting is handily removable and reusable year after year. It is manufactured by using virgin extruded polyethylene. So it is assured for sturdiness. Hortomallas nets last several years even when it is used in open fields because it’s UV resistant.

Pigeons control

Avian bird control the use of netting is efficient also againts pigeons. Pigeon control is a extreme trouble in city and suburban regions.

Actually pigeons are attracted through food. In addition they’re no longer afraid of humans. So they use to nest over the homes, on attics, roofs, and semi open zones. When they access the houses, they roost and dirty. Especially they prefer to occupy air flow machineries and drainage structures.

pigeon flying over mesh
The net offers many advantages both to your garden and your economy, since it is a reusable network of low price net.

The acid substance contained in the droppings cause permanent cracks on any kind of surface. in all a huge expense is daily dedicated to clean and repair pigeons damages.To prevent pigeons entering any space it is recommended to install Hortomallas avian bird control net.

Advantages of Hortomallas avian manage net

             Durable

             Permanent

             UV rays resistant

             Long lasting

             Suitable for any birds of any length

             Non poisonous

             Easy to conform to any structure

             Washable

             Reusable

             Economical

In summary, Hortomallas avian manipulate net constitutes a everlasting and sturdy bodily barrier against pest birds.

Bird-netting – the best form of bird pest control

What is bird netting?

A bird net is used to prevent birds from encroaching into certain areas. They are sometimes called an anti bird net and the process as anti bird netting. These nets are used extensively for many areas where the trespassing of birds can be problematic. They are thus available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Mostly seen in black, they are generally consists of small meshes of 1 or 2 square cms and is made of polypropene or polyethylene.

bird stuck in bird net
With the anti-bird netting you can protect you of the bird prescence.

The color of bird netting has some sort of significance. For instance, the black color inhibits UV and offers the best protection from solar rays. Similarly other colors of green or white serves other purposes. They may be available in a wider or more extensive scale for big setups or sometimes as small packages.

Areas of application

We know that bird netting is always used for protection against birds. But how much of a protection they give or how will we define its practical usages.

  • For protection of crops

All sorts of crop cultivation that is under the threat of birds can be protected using bird netting. Farmers purchase bird nets is large or small scales to protect their fruits, vegetable produce or sometimes to safeguard the seedlings. If left unguarded, birds and bats can have a tendency to peck on fruits and vegetables. This would significantly lower the value of these products in the open markets. Even if a small portion of the fruit is pecked on, it cannot be sold and goes to waste. There are various methods or techniques for implementing bird nettings in the case of each crop which is cultivated differently.

  • For protection of fisheries

Bird netting
The anti-bord net protect your home and garden of the attack of the birds.

Predator birds need to be kept out of areas where fisheries and related goods are stored. Other areas like aquaculture are also under constant threat from these marauding birds if a protective mechanism is not implemented. The birds in this case are those characterized by wider wing span and other aspects. Some examples are seagulls, pelicans, herons etc. so for protection from them we generally make use of large mesh sized bird nets. Also we make the color of these nets white so that it is visible from a fair distance to these birds.

  • For protection of buildings

Buildings can be protected from birds in urban areas with the help of these bird nets. Birds like pigeon causes notable disturbances in such situations and thus a suitable mechanism was requisite that would efficiently discourage them from entering these areas. A pigeon protection net or other corresponding bird nets can provide a harmless and impenetrable barrier that protects your premises. They can also be used for protecting large areas like load bays and roofs. The design consideration requires knowledge on the type of bird species and the material requirements.

  • For protecting in mining areas

bird net used for protection to trees against the bird attack
The bird net can provide effective protection avoiding that the birds invade and attack.

Miners generally employ the use of chemicals that can cause serious negative effects to wildlife, especially birds. So the government has made it mandatory to use adequate protective bird netting to prevent significant loss of wild life in the area. This keeps the birds away from the harmful effects of these dangerous chemicals.

Overhead crop netting for crop cultivation

It consists of a fully enclosed suspended bird netting making it ideal for crop cultivations of blueberries, strawberries etc. The wire mesh provided above these crop produces provides and overall protection from birds. They can be retracted and stored as wires when not in use.

Some advantages of the type include:

  • Provides good protection for crops all year long

  • Different crops can be harvested under its protection

  • Predatory species are prevented from entering the premises

  • Once setup, subsequent spreading and removal can be done easily without additional labor requirements

  • guacamalla installed for avoid the bird prescence
    Too the bird net can protect to your crops of the birds attack, keeping the integrity of the harvest.

    No expensive techniques or machinery are used for setting up these bird nettings, making it a very cheap and effective method for crop protection

To sum it all up

A Bird net is thus a cheap and effective alternative for protecting crops or other products against the attack by bird species. It is available in a variety of types to suit the requirements.