Protect your barns, buildings and crops with anti bird netting

Protect Warehouses And Buildings With Guacamallas Anti Bird Netting

Netting is the best option for the bird control

anti bird netting
Guacamallas bird control netting is the best option for aviary control.

the control of birds is anti bird netting

With anti bird netting you can protect your house and other spaces from pigeons (Columba livia domestica), the best option for the control of birds is anti bird netting .  These pigeons are considered a pest in cities because they will invade monuments, terraces, buildings, civil construction among others, or  anywhere else where they tend to nest and live. Therefore a method which can decrease the invasion of birds is the use anti bird netting by GUACAMALLAS. Pigeons have played an important role in the media through the history of mankind, since these birds were trained for sending letters to distance as reports, reports, news, and other topics from region to region.

bird control netting
Pigeons have been used to send messages for centuries, but now have become a pest (many call them rat with wings) in the cities, and only anti bird netting can effectively keep them out of buildings and monuments.

(Columba livia domestic) a plague in cities

The service and use of the dove declined with the advent of the telegraph, the bird having been domesticated by humans adapted to life in cities, taking advantage of food waste, leading to the increase of the population turning to our present problem of pigeon overpopulation. In the search for alternatives to prevent the “invasion” of birds on the architectural landmarks of cities there have been many methods developed as bird controls, for example:

Bird control netting

made out of plastic, this is the most effective method as it physically restrains birds from accessing warehouses, balconies or buildings. This material is durable and can be shipped anywhere from companies like HORTOMALLAS, this material is easy to install because it is adaptable to most areas.

Another common methods to combat the problem of pigeons in cities, houses, historical and architectural monuments is to place anti- bird spikes, arranged in terraces , buildings , chapels, temples,  or warehouses with peaks that prevent bird from landing and deter their nesting in such space forcing them to opt to find a more comfortable place to live.

bird repellent

In another case people applies silicone gels as bird repellent, placing it on the surfaces of window sills, balconies, terraces: this method causing discomfort to the pigeon when walking or landing, because the glue is introduced in plumage and legs so the birds decide to move. inducing elsewhere.

The method of protecting crops, anti bird netting in agriculture

bird control net
Methods to control birds fro,m gaining access to warehouses and buildings.

techniques of bird control

In agriculture (both in greenhouses and in open field) is where the techniques of bird control have developed the most, as it is where there is an immediate economic return in favor of using such products.  Among the many methods used there is the placement of sounds, blasts and ultrasounds to scare away birds – pigeons, the sounds the birds cause panic, fleeing the place, but once it stops they do come back, also the y tend to get used to the noise and eventually disregard it.   In agriculture high-tunnels, vineyards and fruit groves is where the use of bird control netting is the most common as it represents 100% passive protection, and there is no way birds will be able to reach fruits.  (by the way one netting product used in horticulture is trellis netting for training vegetables

One of the techniques used in airports (near the flight paths) is the use of birds of prey (falconry) trained to scare any bird that invade this place of  high-risk, the bird will eventually fly away as it feels threatened, but then again once the danger goes away, the birds come back.

Types of Nets and Their Purpose

Bird netting has been applied in public and the private sector in rural and urban areas. Basically, it is a simple technique of stretching the net over certain surfaces to protect them from bird pest. The variety of shapes and sizes enables successful protection in accordance with the specific needs. The most common mesh is a small one with the square diameter of 1 or 2 cm. It is made of polypropylene or polyethylene and therefore it is very durable. The black mesh protects against solar rays. This additional function is typical for the black netting. White woven netting has an even smaller square diameter and it protects the crop from hail especially in the summertime. Jumbo rolls for professional use are cost-effective while smaller packages suit backyard gardens. Bird netting is widely used for crop and bird protection. It can be also applied for building and mining ponds protection.

The anti bird netting provide the perfect protection against the bird attack avoiding destroy your fruits.

Birds Can Diminish Commercial Value of the Products

Birds are permanent residents in our surroundings.

We enjoy their singing and their exquisite outlook but when it comes to our crop, birds could be pests we need serious protection from. Seedlings, fruit trees and vegetable are all targets. Birds will not ruin the whole crop at once. They peck fruit after fruit ruining its structure and appearance, and they can be transmitters of some bacterial infections or virosis. One small problem that can be easily localized may become a much bigger issue and affect the whole orchard or vegetable crop. Damaged fruits are less commercially valuable and they cannot be sold even if they are healthy. Rot or fermentation start quickly, and if bitten fruits have been harvested together with the intact, they will diminish the value of the rest of the harvest as well. Every kind of crop can be protected with bird netting. It applies without any difficulties over stand-alone trees, espaliers, and berries that are growing in tunnels with side ventilation windows.

Frugivorous Birds Do Not Have to Be a Problem

Bird netting is not the recommended technique to protect your crop; it is a must when it comes to the safety of the crop and the commercial value of the yield. Frugivorous birds help by the seed dispersal. The implementation of anti-bird netting is a kind of protection that will not harm these species. This barrier will also prevent bats from entering the space. It can be applied in two different ways depending on the kind of crops. For espaliers and trees, it will be placed over the top. Berries are oftentimes cultivated in macro-tunnels with side ventilation windows. In that case, the best is to close the windows with a net. Plants will still have enough air and light, and they will grow safely. Pigeons belong to the most common birds in our surroundings. As they also live in urban areas, they can threaten small backyard gardens that are very often in the suburbs. Anti-pigeon control is something you have to plan ahead if you are aware of this potential trouble. It will work for bats too, and you can keep the peaceful mind during the night.

Advantages of the Reliable Protecting System

There are three main advantages of bird netting. It is easily adaptable to any crop, it is affordable, and it is absolutely efficient. With the implementation of this protecting system, you save costs on long-term, and you can plan your harvest and other arrangements with the minimum risk. Forget about the stress since all entrances to your crop are closed. In the past, noise has been used to reject birds and bats but the truth is that they soon get used to it. Noise can also be disturbing for humans and pets living on the farm. Moving strings and electronic devices are overcome as a reliable protecting system of your crop. Do not take your chances by applying the solution that is not hundred percent effective. The best is if you decide to take preventive measures and protect the crop from the beginning. The proper protection during the growth and ripening causes higher production and consequently better income.

Diverse Applications of Bird Netting

anti-bird netting
The net too can protect the fisheries for avoid that the prescences and the attack of the birds.

Frugivorous birds are pests for fruit crop but the predator birds prefer fisheries, aquacultures, and fish wildlife reserves. Such birds are of the bigger size and their wings have larger span. Bird netting protects from those kinds of birds too but the mesh has to be of the larger size. Professional control experts recommend highly resistant strings. The installation is a bit different. The net stretches over a cable system. Growers usually chose white netting. It represents a visible barrier from the air, and birds are easily deterred. In urban areas birds, especially pigeons can make a lot of damage to the buildings. They do not spare even the cultural heritage, such as monuments and churches. Netting design for the application in these cases is very discrete. It will never infringe the appearance of the building. This barrier is impenetrable and it will protect buildings from birds with the same reliability as it preserves crops in the rural areas.
If you have spent a plenty of time planning how to grow your fruits or tomatoes, keep in mind that your plan has to include pests’ protection. Birds can act like pests but they are an integral part of the ecosystem. Keeping your crop safe from them must not do any harm to birds. A lot of them are protected by the law. The implementation of modern techniques is safe for your crop as for the birds as well. This is the way how your time and effort will meet the excellent results at the time of the harvest. With all taken precautions, you can count on the increased production of the high-quality articles. Bird netting is a lasting solution that always pays off.

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